Interview for EAC with Lisa Jemmeson | NCAT & Interstate Landlords

On Thursday 18 April 2019, JemmesonFisher appeared before the New South Wales Local Court in proceedings commenced to terminate a residential tenancy on behalf of an interstate landlord.

The Agent followed the new procedure by correctly applying to NCAT at first instance. Thereupon NCAT being apprised of the interstate residential status of the landlord, promptly resolved that the matter would require the exercising of federal jurisdiction and could not be heard by NCAT.

JemmesonFisher was engaged by the Landlord Plaintiff to file a Summons with the Court seeking leave to the have the Court determine the residential tenancy matter.

To find out more about the impact of this case, please click on the video above to watch an interview with Lisa Jemmeson, Senior Associate of Litigation at JemmesonFisher.

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