The world of real estate has buying and selling at its heart. We remove the stress and support our clients through all types of commercial transactions, from beginning to end.

+ Franchising

As the first choice of Australia’s largest real estate franchises, we do it all; from drafting and review of franchise agreements, to advising on structuring, and being there every step of the way as new franchisees start their businesses.

+ Rent-roll

Real estate is in our blood so when we talk to clients about their rent rolls, we know as much as they do. We help to value, grow, improve, systemise, buy and sell hundreds of rent rolls (of all shapes and sizes!) every year.

+ Regulatory Compliance

Such governing departments as the state-based Revenue Agencies Fair-Trading/Consumer Affairs in each state, as well as other regulatory bodies, impose requirements which we can help you and your business navigate and satisfy.


Our team of solicitors provide advice and litigate on behalf of our clients in tribunals and courts at every level, and in all state jurisdictions in Australia.

+ Employment Law

Our team have specialist knowledge of employment law, including such commonly litigated areas as restraints of trade, post-employment obligations and independent contractor agreements.

+ Commission Disputes

We know the headache that a dispute over commission can cause agents and directors of businesses, alike. We help our clients recover or claim their entitlement to commission in accordance with their agency and employment agreements.

+ Contractual Disputes

We handle matters concerning breaches of contract and other disputes arising around contractual agreements, of all types relevant to the business of real estate.


From the accounting point of view, to the legal side of things, our team knows compliance, and we don’t miss a beat, keeping up with legislation as it changes.

+ Audit

Whether in conducting audits of accounts or agency practices, or by assisting our clients to prepare for an external audit, we are the experts, with a combined legal and accounting point of view.

+ Financial Statements and Taxation

We assist our clients’ agencies and real estate businesses by offering various tax related services including preparation of returns and ensuring compliance, as well as advising on CGT and Payroll Tax. We also prepare financial statements for all types of trading structures from sole traders, through to companies and trusts.

+ Bookkeeping

There’s plenty to do running a real estate business day-to-day, without worrying about keeping the books up to date, consistent and compliant. Our accounts team are always timely and thorough when maintaining the books for our clients.


We are your trusted advisers on any legal or accounting aspect of running your real estate agency. We are your legal advisor, accountant, business planner, business growth specialists, employment law specialists, mediators in business disputes, trust accountants, auditors and succession planners. You name it, and we’ve done it.

+ Rent Roll and Business Valuations

Your rent roll and business goodwill are valuable assets. Our team of expert valuers are recognised across the real estate industry as the ‘go-to’ when it comes to making sure your property management portfolio and business goodwill maintains maximum value for succession planning purposes.

+ Due-Diligence

There’s significant value in rent rolls and business goodwill. Our valuation methodology ensures that your valuable business assets will always be recognised at their true market value whenever you want to buy, sell or get new investors involved in your business.

+ Business Planning

Our structured approach to business planning ensures that all of our clients achieve true business success. From business structuring through to benchmarking, business planning and budgeting, we always maintain our position as your key advisers to drive growth profitability and real business success.